Player of the Week:

Stephen Curry- You have probably heard from multiple sources that Curry is starting to play like his old self, and Curry has proven them right by putting up a monster week. On Sunday, against the Clippers, he had possibly his best performance of the year with 43 points, 9 rebounds, and 6 assists, along with a 26 point 3rd quarter. This Steph seems a lot more like last year’s Steph, who you could count on to hit jump shot after jump shot, and stay efficient while doing it. This week, he shot 51% from 3 point land and from the field, while going 93% from the line. However, the biggest result of Steph’s success seems to be the Warriors, who are 12-2 in the month of January, and are making a strong case for being the best team in the league. I only had Curry at 9th in my latest player power rankings, so you can expect him to at least move up to 8th if he continues his strong play.

Team of the Week:

Washington Wizards- With John Wall and Bradley Beal clicking on and off the court, the Wizards are looking more and more dangerous in the East. They’ve won their last 5 games, with big wins against Boston and Atlanta. Wall is averaging a double double with 23 points and 10 assists, but the real unsung hero on the Wizards is Otto Porter. In my fantasy league, I drafted Porter in the 11th round, as a sleeper. I knew he could produce, but I never could have predicted that he would evolve into a premier 3-and-D player, while also ranking top 20 in the league in real plus minus. I believe that Porter’s transformation is the single thing that has made the Wizards a threat in the east this year, yet all the recognition still goes to John Wall. Don’t get me wrong; I think Wall is a top 15 player who is playing the best basketball of his career. But Otto Porter has given the Wizards valuable assets, such as defense, rebounding, and three point shooting. I’m not sure if we will be hearing from the Wizards a lot in the playoffs, but there is no doubt that they have the potential to make a run.

Comment Poll:

Who are the top 3 point guards in the league? (James Harden counts as a point guard, Giannis does not.)


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